Sunday, 22 January 2012

Class professions

No not which professions are best for which classes but rather which classes are best for leveling which professions.

I'm only interested in the gathering professions as crafting is the same no matter what.

Druids have a fantastically easy time of herbalism, especially when you get flight form. Swoop in, pick a flower and swoop out again, don't even need to shift out. Got aggro? Don't fight that mob, just fly up and wait for him to be on his way, and if he really won't leave your favourite flower alone, root him just out of range, switch to flight form, and go pick.

Skinning, herbalism and I would guess mining are all much easier with pet classes (Warlocks & Hunters) as you can stick a DoT on the mob, send your pet in to kill it (wait until it is close if you're wanting to skin) and get on with your gathering.

Skinning is also a lot easier if you're a tank, round up a ton of mobs and AoE them down, then skin at leisure.

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