Thursday, 19 January 2012


Been doing a bit of crafting on alts to try and get some utility.

My hunter is a herbalist / scribe and I must say these professions compliment each other very well. I'm being gated much more by actual leveling than by the profession difficulties.

My priest is a tailor / enchanter and while these to do naturally compliment each other as well, it is much more of a slog to level them. I keep hitting places where I need to buy silly extra mats or send something over from another alt. Not to mention never having enough cloth. Except Neatherweave of which I had in excess of 2.5k of. Even after flying through to 350 I still have over 1.5k cloth left.

My rogue is a Skinner / leatherworker and as obvious as these two are, LW needs an overhaul. Going back to AoE down low level mobs to farm cloth has got absolutely nothing on the grind of farming leather!

My DK is a miner / engineer, which works well as a combo but engineering is a pain to level as you often have to go hunting for rather obscure mats.

My main leveled miner / blacksmith which was a great combo although I did spend a long time farming Thorium (but that was more because I was determined to get myself an Imperial plate set) . I recently switched the mining out for Jewelcrafting, which was also quite an effort, but it does make tweaking gear sets much easier :)

Had a good experience today with crafting the Dragon Soul tanking Bracers. Had to wait around for a little bit for him to gather the mats but when I had made them I was thrilled to receive a 1400g tip! If I could just craft 9 more for the same price I could get my money back from the Travelling Tundra Mammoth I finally picked up this evening.

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